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Executive Masterclass in 

Supervisory Skills



As a supervisor, the success of your organization rests in your hands. This 10-days Executive Masterclass in Supervisory Skills and leadership course provides you with the opportunity to develop the highly effective and essential supervisory skills that will strengthen team work and organizational success. Also, the course will help you manage everyday operations with greater ease. Furthermore, it will help you to leverage both your managerial and people leadership skills to meet your new challenges as a 21st century supervisor.

Programme Objectives:

At the end of this programme, you would be able to:

  • Define the supervisor's roles and his/her related competencies for optimal performance

  • Apply the essential supervisory functions that are key for the supervisor’ team success

  • Master the Supervisor’s key skill areas,

  • Implement effective performance management techniques

  • Understand and use Emotional Intelligence in providing people leadership

  • Master the 5 critical levels of leadership

  • Use powerful communication skills in order to maintain trust and boost cooperation

  • Implement effective coaching/mentoring techniques to help the team progress and grow

  • Apply effective time management techniques to increase the productivity of your team

Who should attend:

This course is designed for the curious and engaged manager, operations lead and supervisor who is invested in developing his or her leadership skills. It is also ideal for individuals moving into supervisory leadership roles.

It is an excellent fit for team leaders, supervisors, unit heads, departmental heads project leads and general managers.

Programme Outline:

Module 1:  Being a Supervisor today

Module 2:  The Supervisor’s functions,

                  roles & responsibilities

Module 3:  The Supervisor as a powerful                                communicator

Module 4:  Monitoring & Developing

                  the team’s performance

Module 5:  Managing time effectively

                  to increase productivity

Module 6:  Enabling performance

                  through Emotional Intelligence

Module 7:  The 5 Levels of Leadership


Upcoming Sessions:

Date: Start: Friday, 2 July, 2021

Format: Live Online/virtual

Duration: A total of 36 hours spread over 8 days (Fridays & Saturdays only) and inclusive of: 

  • 4 Fridays: 6:00 - 8:30PM each day..

  • 4 Saturdays: 9:00AM - 1:00PM each day

  • Plus 10hrs. of self-study time

Cost per attendee: USS100.00