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 Executive Masterclass in


Monitoring and Evaluation  emrbM&E


LBS’ Executive Masterclass in Results-Based Monitoring & Evaluation (emrbM&E) covers the principles and practices for results based monitoring and evaluation. The programme is designed to equip participants with the critical skills required to set-up and implement results-based monitoring and evaluation systems. Participants benefit from the latest M&E practices including the results and participatory approaches. Designed to ensure high level of practice based in design and implementation, participants learn about the results levels and their linkage with indicators and techniques for tracking and assessing the progress of a project with the aim of achieving long term results.

Programme Objectives:

At the end of this programme, you would be able to:

  • Determine the relevant stakeholders involved in monitoring and evaluation of projects.

  • Clarify the key project result levels

  • Design a project using the logical framework

  • Develop indicators and targets for each result level

  • Evaluate a project against the set results

  • Develop and implement an M&E system\Develop a comprehensive monitoring and evaluation plan

Who should attend:

This course is designed for M&E practitioners, researchers, project staff, development practitioners, managers, decision makers and individuals who are responsible for project or program-level M&E and/or want to understand the theories, approaches and practices related to M&E. The course aims to enhance the skills of professionals who need to research, supervise, manage, plan, implement, monitor and evaluate development projects.

Programme Outline:

Module 1:  Introduction to Results-Based                                Project Management

Module 2:  Fundamentals of M&E

Module 3:  Design of Results in M&E

Module 4:  M&E Frameworks

Module 5:  Logical Framework Approach

Module 6:  M&E Indicators

Module 7:  M&E Systems

Module 8:  M&E Planning

Module 9:  Baseline Survey in Results-Based                          M&E

Module 10: M&E Data Management

Module 11: Project Performance Evaluations


Upcoming Sessions:

Date: Start: Fri., 6 Aug., 2021

Format: Live Online/virtual

Duration: A total of 40 hours spread over 10 days (Fridays & Saturdays only) and inclusive of:

  • 5 Fridays: 6:00 - 8:00PM each day..

  • 5 Saturdays: 9:00AM - 1:00PM each day

  • Plus 10hrs. of self-study time

Cost per attendee: USS100.00