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Executive Education:




Regardless of where you are around the globe,

you can learn from LBS’ faculty, industry leaders,

and with a global set of peers in a real-time


In the era of the Covid 19 pandemic , LBS Executive Education has launched a suite of Online, Virtual Learning Executive Masterclass Programmes (EMP) to help corporate and business leaders and organizations stay in form and informed, lead, impact and drive their businesses and teams. These programs bring best practice executive education and rigorous insights from LBS faculty to you virtually, allowing you to maximize your time through virtual learning.

Stay in form and informed, lead, impact and drive their businesses and teams


LBS’ Executive Education partners with leading organizations to help develop the agile leadership teams they need for successful transformation. Our in-person or live online, these solutions deliver the LBS experience right to your organization in real-time to help you tackle your most important business imperatives.

Online Programmes for individuals and Organizations:

To keep ahead of today’s volatile and competitive global market, today’s corporate executives and organizations need to change. Corporate executives and organizational teams need the vision, the leadership competencies, the alignment and the agility to design and execute new strategy and deliver competitive edge.

LBS offers a global standard portfolio of in-person and online executive education programmes. Programmes that address the most pressing business challenges of today.

LBS’ executive education programmes are unique anytime, anywhere learning experiences that deliver unparalleled results. Results for your people. Results for your business.

Custom Programmes:

Our expert team collaborates with your organization to co-create learning experiences directly linked to your unique business challenges—and delivered in a either in-person or live online virtual format for immediate results. For more than a decade, LBS has offered globally scalable, accessible executive education experiences. Combined with highly interactive methodologies, our multiple delivery platforms offer flexible options that promote inspired debate and engaging discussion—to any audience, anywhere, right now.

Custom Programme options:

  • Residential programmes: Faculty-led campus experiences for senior executive populations, designed to address key organizational business challenges.

  • Blended programmes: Similar faculty-designed curriculum as the campus option with virtual modules.

  • Virtual Programmes: Faculty-led virtual experiences for lower/mid/senior level executives delivered either Live Online or via Zoom.

  • Cascaded Programmes: Large-scale learning and development initiatives that reach executives and managers at all levels. Content is aligned and adapted across target populations. Often kicked off with an executive committee workshop.

  • Executive Committee Workshop: Intimate, faculty-led workshops for your CEO and top-executive teams (seven to 15 executives) focusing on strategic challenges, typically two to three days.

  • Corporate Board Workshops: Faculty-led workshops for boards, often focusing on strategy and governance issues.

Programmes for Small Teams and Individuals:

Sending multiple individuals or small teams of executives to the same program can have a profound impact on long-term organizational success. Offered in a range of virtual, blended, and in-person formats, our programs prepare leaders and their organizations to be proactive in the face of today's changing environment, adept at navigating unpredictable situations, and capable of responding quickly in bold, innovative ways.

Transform your leadership team,

Transform your organization!

  • Organizations that view leadership development as critical are 29 times more likely to have a successful transformation.

  • Only 5% of organizations characterize their leadership development programs as "best in class."

Source: The 2018 State of Leadership Development: Meeting the Transformation Imperative, Harvard Business School Publishing, 2018.

Upcomimg Programmes




Whether you are a full time project manager or just starting your career in a project management role, LBS’ Executive Masterclass in Project Management (emPM) programme is the right project management training for you.



Monitoring & Evaluation

The emrbM&E covers the principles and practices for results-based monitoring and evaluation.


Logistics, Transport

and Supply Chain Management

This course covers the latest essential practices in forecasting, planning, procurement, transportation, warehousing and logistics. It also covers the Supply Chain Operations...


Supervisory Skills

The emSS is designed for the curious and engaged manager, operations lead and supervisor who is invested in developing his or her leadership skills.



and Management

The Executive Masterclass in Leadership & Management is a comprehensive practice focused leadership and management experience...


Health, Safety and      Environmental Management

The emHSEM is designed based on international and national standards for health and safety management in accorddance with laws and legislation.